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About Deviant Dyspraxic

Dyspraxia is a life-long neurological condition which primarily impacts the fine and gross motor coordination of an individual. This includes things such as handwriting, applying make-up, catching a ball, balancing and so much more. It is not only coordination that dyspraxia impacts though, it can impact upon a persons organisational or social skills which can make it hard to make new friends or keep up with peers. 

The purpose of this website is to raise awareness of and educate people around dyspraxia drawing on my own lived experiences to aid in this. In addition to this, the aim of this website is to raise awareness of neurodiversity more broadly as there is a lot of cross-over with dyspraxia and other forms of neurodiversity. Dyspraxia is one of many neurodivergent conditions and some commonalities among neurodiversity include the underdiagnosis of women and girls. 

Dyspraxia is the primary theme for this website, however when common issues occur across the umbrella of neurodiversity this will be highlighted. As a dyspraxic woman I am not only dyspraxic, I am neurodivergent – I hope to be able to educate people on both. If this interests you, please feel free to browse my linktree for updates and more!

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